Lanzhou Sanyuanhe Modern Agriculture Limited Liability Company, strategic partner for BLC satisfying Middle East demand on live sheep & goats

Jakarta , 14 Augustus 2008

Memorandum of understanding between the two growing companies, has been signed this morning at the office of HE Prof Dr Alwi Shihab, the special envoy for Middle East countries. Tjetty Abbas, the President Director of BLC, in his address said that this collaboration will strengthen his company to meet the KSA demand for live ruminants, especially for the annual festival which require more than 7 million live sheep and goats, exluded Iran, Bahrain, Dubai, Oman and Qatar demand. Syaikh Sulaiman, Al Jabri is his Saudi counterpart. Local demand is also high, modern abatoir will be established in Batam shortly. Indonesia has about 23 millions sheep and goats scattered in the country but kept in traditional system. IDB, said Dr Alwi Shihab, will support transformation from the traditional system to industrial estate. The national goat breeding is now concentrated in Central Java, Jogja, East Java and Nusa Tenggara Barat. China see this geographical site, is similar to the one in the Yellow River Shouqu where the Lanzhou Sanyuanhe Modern Agriculutre LLC is located, said Mr Chen Guang Ren, the Managing Director of the company. Jogja will be known as Jogja Free Trade Zone in near future and this will make it easier for exporting livestock to Middle East countries. Not only livestock but also agriculture products produced by this duo company, he added. Admiral (retd) Soedomo, the President Commisioner of the BLC said that Java and NT are well known for “pesantren” and “para santri” will be closely involved to this transformation process, traditional system to the modern & efficient ones, characterised by syariah system. This collaboration proves that China is in harmony with moslems in the world, he added. The BLC so far, is intensively collaborating with the Indonesia Research Institute for Animal Production, Department of Agriculture which has “Prima Tani” programe for helping farmer groups in rural areas in Indonesia.

Source: PT BLC